Bleaching earth, a highly effective adsorbent essential in the refining process for the purification and decolourisation of oils.


Taiko is a registered trademark belonging to the Taiko Group and the brandname of the Group’s range of bleaching earth.


We started in 1993 with our first plant in Malaysia. Today, we have operations across 2 countries with 6 manufacturing plants.

Growing together with our customers has made us who we are today

  • Taiko bleaching earth business started at the time when Malaysian palm oil production was around 5 million metric tons per year.
  • Today, we have 6 manufacturing plants in 2 countries in the Asia-Pacific region with a total capacity of half a million metric tons per year.

  • Working very closely with our customers has given us the advantage of developing fit for purpose bleaching earth that deliver excellent total value. Using Taiko bleaching earth gives our customers the added advantage in their business. Today, Taiko bleaching earth are the preferred choice for the refining of palm oil.
  • As our competency in supplying bleaching earth of consistent quality for palm oil refining grew, we began developing fit for purpose bleaching earth for other types of edible oils and fats.
  • Today, Taiko bleaching earth are used in over 50 countries for the refining of all major vegetable oils as well as animal fats.
Taiko Clay Group 9 Core Values